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egistered members have many ways of earning and redeeming points.

Points can be used for free patterns and other merchandise that will soon be available through the Tension Website, and can be earned in the following ways:

How to Earn Points:

Registration: 5 points - Awarded upon Tension Magazine website signup. Awarded once per individual.

Purchase: Varies - each purchase through Tension Magazine awards points to registered members. All purchases through the end of February will be retroactively credited as we perfect this new system.

Ravelry Project With Photos: 2 points - When a registered member associates a project, with photos, on Ravelry, they are awarded two points. You are allowed up to 4 points, if you make the same design a second time and add it as a new project. Registered members must have purchased or received the pattern directly and legitimately from Tension Magazine downloads. To get credit for posting on Ravelry, please send your Ravelry ID and a link to the project page to:

Photo Gallery: 2 points - When a registered member sends a photograph of a finished object from a Tension Pattern they legitimately received through the Tension website. Registered member must give permissions to Tension to add photo to customer gallery on website and on Flickr. Photo must be identifiable as an FO made from a Tension pattern. Maximum of two points per pattern purchased.

Double Points: double point value of purchases - Bonus points awarded via Tension Magazine coupon code or special promotions.
How to Redeem Points:

  1. Make sure you are logged in.

  2. Add a pattern to your shopping cart.

  3. Select "Pay with points".

Note: you will only be able to pay with points if you have enough points to cover your entire cart order. If you wish to pay for some patterns with cash, you will need to place 2 separate orders through the shopping cart.

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Innovative marketing! Great! Have been waiting for a decent online Crochet Mag =]
- Fleebers, 2010-03-28 12:43:58

Love it - sounds like a wonderful loyalty program. :)
- Heather, 2010-03-21 06:02:07

great idea!:)
- Karie-Linn C, 2010-03-16 05:03:51

Looks like a great program. Thanks.
- Rebecca S231, 2010-03-11 12:52:10

I just found out about this magazine yesterday. What a great idea to have the member points & rewards! Love it!
- Michele A, 2010-03-04 12:13:10

Love the points system. Looking forward to seeing what Tension is all about as a new member. Thanks!
- Christine C, 2010-03-04 05:42:00

what a novel idea-hope to rack up lots of reward points.
- lydia s, 2010-03-03 10:34:16

Can't wait to get started looking around your site! Thanks for the wonderful offer of patterns for points!
- Micki W, 2010-03-01 01:03:06

Really clever idea!
- Stacey T, 2010-03-01 12:30:16

This is by far the coolest crochet magazine. You are my heroines! What a fun way to motivate pattern purchase and participation.
- sarah c, 2010-02-26 08:13:47

Now you really have me checking back! (as if before I haven't been...) :-) Oh, the things we can do, when we should be doing other things!
- Sabine P, 2010-02-21 06:34:36

What a clever and forward-thinking idea.
- Karla M, 2010-02-19 11:31:15

This is a great idea. Earning points would definitely motivate me to take photos of my projects.
- Kim T, 2010-02-18 01:09:19

Love this idea!
- Cara R, 2010-02-18 01:05:39

Deb M - All you really have to do is buy patterns, and you'll earn enough to get free ones. The other stuff is just a bonus for the people who help us spread the word about our awesome magazine.
- Josi M, 2010-02-18 10:29:41

Honestly, it sounds too complicated.
- , 2010-02-18 10:27:04

This is a great marketing idea! I am looking forward to seeing what patterns you release in the future.
- Sarah M, 2010-02-17 05:05:38

This is a really good marketing idea for you. Love the new houndstooth skirt too!
- Larissa B, 2010-02-17 01:40:19

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